Discover this hidden gem of Rock Lititz: Mickey’s Black Box

If you were to drive through one parking lot area of Rock Lititz, you might spot a mysterious ‘black box-like’ building with no signs or words to indicate what it might be. This is Mickey’s Black Box, an incredible venue that opened its doors about two years ago. While it might look like an ordinary building from the outside, inside lies great and often inexpensive entertainment.

Mickey’s Black Box in located on the campus of ‘Rock Lititz’: where famous singers and performers come to test their newest gear and special effects prior to their national/international touring. Rock Lititz is known for its secrecy: they even have a deal with the local newspaper not to promote who’s in town until after the person leaves. This adds to the excitement and encourages the privacy of the famous entertainers.

While it might look like an ordinary building from the outside, inside lies a world of wonder.”

The venue has a stage floor that can be flattened to accommodate private events like weddings or parties. The seating is comfortable, and the entire atmosphere is lively and enjoyable. It is named in honor of Michael ‘Mickey’ Tait, who started Tait Towers and was a major force in starting the Rock Lititz campus.

They have live jazz performances scheduled that are sure to be a hit. Also, the ticket prices are shockingly reasonable, which makes them accessible to everyone. They even have a bar inside, where you can grab a drink and enjoy the show.

Mickey’s Black Box is a gem that is hidden in plain sight. If you are in the area, make sure to check it out! While you are at it, consider getting to know the Lancaster and Lititz areas even better. Give us a call, and we can help you with your real estate needs.

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