Why Live in Lititz & Lancaster PA? – News articles with links

While Lancaster County’s original claim to fame was its rural farmland and Amish population, Lancaster County has evolved into a nationally recognized, vibrant area to live! Recently nicknamed ‘The New Brooklyn’ by the New York Times, you will discover fabulous restaurants, parks, shopping, entertainment and an active arts scene: everything that downtown Lancaster has to offer you. Come explore Lancaster County, with us!

We are frequently asked “What is great in Lancaster PA and Lititz PA?” and of course, we have our reasons. However, its not just our opinion so we built this page to give you several great articles to read that expound on what us locals already enjoy each and every day. If you are thinking of moving to Lancaster PA or you are just planning a visit to this very special place, then check out these great articles we’ve put together below. Oh, and by the way…let us know you are coming…we’ll leave the light on for you!


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Why Retire in Lancaster, PA?